Making a commitment to improve your fitness is something many people do on a regular basis. Keeping the commitment, however, may not always be as consistent.  It’s easy to find a reason not to go to the gym – it’s too far away or there isn’t enough time.  With Peak Physique Personal Training there are no excuses!

By bringing the workout to you, we help eliminate those excuses by providing the ultimate of convenience to your home.  In 1995, there was an untapped market for people who were self conscious going into a gym and having the fear of people watching them.  Today, we work with clients of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.  After meeting the client, we take a full health history and fitness assessment.  We have learned through the years that sometimes it takes a team approach to help an individual through aches and pains.   “When in doubt, we refer out,” to local doctors and physical therapists for a safe and effective fitness program

Since exercise and a healthy diet are intertwined, we encourage clients to keep a food journal and follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of the food on your plate should be healthy, the other 20% is whatever you want.  You will find that after you have eaten all the healthy food, the junk food doesn’t appeal to you as much.  Anything above and beyond a food log we refer out to the registered dieticians.

Along side of the four components of a good workout (balance, cardio, strength and flexibility), we also take an overall approach to your health by monitoring your blood pressure, offering client milestones and sending out quarterly newsletters on various health and fitness topics.

And finally, just because we don’t see you everyday, doesn’t mean you get to take the day off! Our trainers create motivational games and “check-in” points to help keep you on track towards your goals.


Best of Health,



Mic Pinchek, Owner