After working at a local gym for five years, I found my niche by training clients’ in their home and started my own business, Peak Physique Personal Training in 1995.

With almost 20 years of experience, I have seen the fitness industry change dramatically over the last decade. I take great pride in staying one step ahead of the competition by continuing to learn the latest research that can take your workouts to a new level and get the results you are searching for. In 2009, my expertise expanded to an Advanced Fitness Specialist dealing with the special populations group (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, elderly, post rehab, etc. . .) My role as an ACE-Certified Advanced Fitness Specialist, (ACE-AFS) has helped bridge the gap between rehabilitation and a home based exercise program. As the personal training industry continues to evolve, in 2014, we have reached out to more individuals by offering small group training in our home.  Our classes offer all the same perks of a private lesson, but makes it more affordable to everyone.

It is a career that has been very rewarding. To see a client continue to exercise through their chemo treatments, to see someone lose 20 pounds or watch someone have the courage to get on a bicycle after 25 years has been amazing! I invite you to be part of something special and welcome the opportunity to inspire you.