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Train your core muscles by Challenging yourself and your kids with these balance exercises!

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doesn’t come from what you can do,

it comes from over coming the things you once thought you couldn’t!

FREE Friday Fitness Tip

Here is your FREE Friday Fitness Tip!  To see killer results for killer core muscles, Try one of these variations to a “plank” exercises.  It is one of the most effective abdominal exercises you can do, no matter what age you are!

More FREE Friday Fitness Tips

A good jump start to weight loss is to begin a walking program.  Follow these exercises to get off to a good start!


Peak Physique has subscribed to this great magazine for years and would like to share it with you! It is a No-Gimmick, No-Hype Health and Fitness Magazine with a lot of inspiring stories and educational articles.  Check it out:

Steps to Success

Your next challenge is upon us!  Charge your Fitbits (it is well worth the cost to own one!) or download a FREE pedometer app and join in the fun.  Beginning, Tuesday, April 14th, we will be logging in our steps per day.  Everyone has TWO feet and the weather is perfect for walking.  Remember, the more active you are, the more calories you will burn and the quicker we will be ready for the dreaded swimsuit season.  Sign up at

Forever Young

Did you know that most Seniors’ have a higher fear of falling than death itself?  Just as our muscles need resistance training, balance exercises and increased stimulation with these types of Brain Games will help keep us independent and fall risk minimized.  Remember, the lifestyle and exercise decisions we make now will define the rest of our lives!

Mindful Working Out


TWO more clients have signed up this week to experience the benefits of Peak Physique!  Welcome Sarina and Nancy!

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy.  They made the choice . . . what about YOU?

Happy Friday Everyone! “Be Creative” dumbbell program

For a great variation to your workout,  try this “Be Creative” dumbbell program, and you will see results!

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